Copyright Notice: Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise specified, all material found on the Shani’s Tutoring website and through Shani’s Tutoring social media is the intellectual property of Shani and therefore subject to copyright protection. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Worksheets
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Images
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Blog posts
  • Site pages
  • Course content
  • Quizzes
  • Online exercises
  • Workbooks
  • eBooks
  • “Tips and Tricks” articles
  • The Shani’s Tutoring logo
  • Downloadable resources

You may gain access to some of this material in a number of different ways. If this is the case, you have permission to use this intellectual property for educational purposes only. The following permissions apply.

Note: Throughout this document, Shani will be referred to in the first person “I” and the user will be referred to in the second person “you”.

All intellectual property is intended solely for educational purposes.

All content may be downloaded, printed and consumed for personal use only. The intellectual property of Shani’s Tutoring may not be reproduced, distributed, resold, stored in a retrieval system, shared online, photocopied, screen grabbed, recorded or used in any manner not outlined in this copyright notice without the express permission of the copyright owner except in the form of brief quotations for the purpose of promotion or review.

Users and readers may link to any page or blog post on the Shani’s Tutoring website or social media. They may do this either on websites associated with the Shani’s Tutoring brand or on their own websites or social media. However, I reserve the right to disavow any links that are misrepresentative of the Shani’s Tutoring brand, or which are damaging to my representation.

Users have permission to mark, highlight and write upon all downloadable content which they have printed.

However, members are not allowed to recreate, reuse, resell or distribute my material in any way not outlined in this copyright notice without my written permission. In addition, members must not grant access to paid or membership-based content to anyone who has not purchased said material. This includes, but is not limited to, giving access to your Shani’s Tutoring account to any other person who has not been authorised by me.

If you would like to work in collaboration with me, please feel free to contact me through the website. I will be happy to review your inquiry and get back to you! My aim is to help as many students as possible. So, I will try my best to accommodate your requests if it is within my capability.

The Copyright of Workbooks, Worksheets and Other Downloadable Material

All downloadable material is for personal use only and should not be resold or redistributed to others.

If you purchase the downloadable material in question, you gain permission to download and print it as many times as you like for your own, personal use. In addition, you also have permission to write on the book by hand or electronically as you please, as long as you do not change the text in the file. However, you cannot give copies to other people (not even friends or family), post a copy of the book or its contents online or anywhere else, or use it for any other purpose than its intended use. If you would like to use the book for another purpose, you must get my permission in writing.

If this is the case, you must have (or have had in the past) a valid Shani’s Tutoring account with the downloadable material in the “downloads” section of their account details, a copy of an ebook purchased from an official e-book service such as Amazon Kindle or Apple Books, an officially-printed physical copy of the material, or a mixture of these different formats.

Conversely, if you have gained access to the downloadable material through a membership on Shani’s Tutoring, you have permission to download and print is as many times as you like on for your own, personal use. This permission applies for the duration of your membership with Shani’s Tutoring. In the event that your membership is terminated, you may keep all material that you have downloaded prior to the cancellation of your membership. However, you must not distribute this to others, or you will be subject to legal ramifications.

Please note that it is against the Rules and Guidelines of Shani’s Tutoring (which you agree to in the Terms of Service when you create an account) to share accounts with other people.

Therefore, if a friend, family member or acquaintance would like to benefit from the help, advice and/or practice exercises contained in any of the downloadable material, please guide them to my online shop or membership system. Gift certificates are also an option. If you would like to buy material in bulk for multiple people, feel free to contact me, and I can do my best to give you a discount. This includes teachers or other people in an education setting. Please speak to me if you would like to arrange a license to print the material for more than one student. I will do my best to make an arrangement that suits us both. This will most likely be at a further discounted price – if you can prove that it will be used for educational purposes.

However, I reserve the right to refuse to give such permission for any reason, or for no reason.

If I discover that anyone is plagiarising my work by reselling, recreating or distributing it without my permission, or otherwise using the downloadable material in a way that I have not given you written permission for, I will exercise my rights to the fullest. This includes pursuing legal avenues and revoking your access to the download with no refunds offered.

The strict copyright terms of my material are not here to hurt or inconvenience you. On the contrary, I am a small, independent creator who relies on the revenue generated from my material to earn a living. Each piece of material takes me many hours of research, planning, organising and writing to create. So, if you use my material in a way that infringes on my copyright, you are hugely disadvantaging me and making the creation of this material an unlucrative pursuit. That could mean that I am unable to create more resources like it in the future. Please speak to me if you have any concerns or questions! I am always open to communication. I recommend contacting me on the Shani’s Tutoring website using the messaging function, as this will help me to locate your account and give you advice quicker and more efficiently.

“Tips and Tricks” Articles and Your Written Assignments

As part of a Shani’s Tutoring membership, you also gain access to the “Tips and Tricks” section of the website. This provides you with articles that are designed to help you through your exams. You can access these articles through the social menu of the website, which is located on the left-hand side in desktop mode.

You are welcome to use these articles to help you with any written assignments that you have to submit for your education. However, please do not copy the exact wording of my articles without putting my words in quotation marks and crediting me. If you copy my content without crediting me, I will consider this to be copyright infringement.

This is particularly the case with my “Themes and Quotes” articles. In these articles, I do a few things to help you:

  • Pick out a single theme from a specific text.
  • Explain what the theme is and how the writer uses it.
  • Find quotes from the text that are linked to that theme.
  • Analyse the quotes to help you use them in your own work.
  • Consider motifs in the writing that could be used to talk about the theme.

This makes my articles great for GCSE, A-Levels and beyond. They will help you to think about the text in a deeper way and get the most out of what you read.

However, please do not copy my analysis word-for-word. Please find a way to write the analysis in your own words. This is the case even if you agree completely with what I have written. My words are just a prompt for you, and they are not written completely formally. You need to make sure that your words are your own and your register is appropriate.

Also, be aware that my articles are not peer-reviewed. This means that you should not use me as the main source for your coursework or dissertation. I have over 6 years of experience teaching English to GCSE and A-level students. However, the process of getting your work peer-reviewed is a very different one.

In English classes, you spend most of your time reading and analysing other people’s writing. Naturally, that means I have to quote from other people’s texts on a regular basis. My “Themes and Quotes” articles, in particular, contain a great deal of material from original texts. This does raise the question of copyright infringement on my part.

I am very sensitive to copyright laws when I create material for Shani’s Tutoring. This does factor into what resources I make and which texts I can spend a great deal of time on. In order to protect the copyright of other writers, I make sure to do the following things:

  • If I quote extensively from a text, I make sure that it is public domain. This means that the text’s copyright has expired and people are free to reproduce it for free. I make sure to check Project Gutenberg and any other UK laws before I select my texts for articles.
  • For the texts that are still protected by copyright, I will be limited in what I can produce. I will always try to stick to the copyright permissions of the text. However, please let me know if I make a mistake. I will be happy to correct this and retract anything that infringes upon a writer’s copyright.
  • If I do reference a copyrighted text in my material, I will make sure to take precautions. I will not host the content on my website unless the writer gives me permission to do so.
  • I will not quote extensively from the text. Instead, I will stick to the allowed 10% maximum.
  • If I need a user or member to refer to a copyrighted text, I will send them to a link where they can access the text legally. I will always attempt to find a free and legal version of the text. However, where a free version is not legally available, I will provide an Amazon Affiliate link for purchase.
  • I am open to reaching agreements with writers who would like to give me permission to create resources based on their text. If you are the writer of a GCSE or A-level text, or you would like me to use your text to create unseen exam resources, please contact me! I will need verification that you are who you say you are. Then, we can come to an agreement to continue.
  • If you would like to withdraw your permission for me to use your text, please also contact me. I will need at least a month’s notice so that I can make the necessary adjstments to my website.

If you are a member of Shani’s Tutoring, please make sure that you follow these rules for yourself. They will help you to stay on the right side of the law. They will also help you to support creators like myself who rely on the revenue from their texts to make a living. I will take any copyright infringement by my users very seriously.

As with any website, I use images in my blog posts, social media, website graphics and resources. These are naturally subject to copyright.

As a result, I always make sure that I have full permission to use the images on my website, resources and social media. I do this in a number of ways:

  • I have a premium subscription to Canva. It is through Canva that I make my blog post banners. The graphics I use for these banners are available to me for commercial use through Canva Premium.
  • I have purchased a license to use FontAwesome, which I use for the icons throughout my websites and forums.
  • I have a lifetime premium subscription to PNGTree for any small graphics.
  • For any other images, I make sure that I use royalty-free image websites. These include Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash.

This applies to both Shani’s Tutoring and ShanniiWrites.

Distribution License for Teachers and Tutors

If a teacher or tutor would like to distribute my intellectual property to the students that they are currently teaching, they may purchase a Teacher Distribution License. This license covers all documents purchased in my store for a simple price of £2 a month.

This means that it does not matter how many documents you would like to use. It also does not matter how many students you use these documents for. The £2 a month price gives you permission to print and distribute multiple copies of all of the documents you bought. However, some basic rules do apply:

  • This license only applies to products purchased in my shop. You cannot use this license to distribute documents that you gained access to through a Shani’s Tutoring membership. A separate membership for teachers will be available soon.
  • You must take precautions to ensure that your students cannot distribute the documents to other students that you do not teach. This includes printing the document rather than sending them access to the digital PDF.
  • In the event of online learning, please continue to take precautions to prevent wrongful distribution of my intellectual property. For example, instead of sending the PDF through personal emails, you may choose to send it through school email, which they will lose access to after they complete their education. You may choose to send the hard copy via post. Or, you could give the students access to an online database, which is revoked after you are no longer teaching them.
  • The Teacher Distribution license is a monthly subscription. That means that you lose the right to distribute my intellectual property when you cancel or fail to pay for the subscription.

Please understand that I have made this license to compensate for lost revenue from mass distribution. A lot of hard work goes into the creation of each of my worksheets. So, please understand and honour that when you use any of my copyrighted material.

Failure to comply with these basic rules will be considered copyright infringement.


Changes Made to Any of My Documents

Here on Shani’s Tutoring, I attempt to keep all of my documents and information up-to-date to ensure that it is relevant to students all the time. This means that I may sometimes decide to update some of the documents made available on my website. I may add content, make alterations and update the examples that I use. In particular, this may occur if I feel as though I have found a better way to explain a topic.

Where this is the case, I reserve the right to edit the Subject Terminology Master List and create newer, revised versions of this List in the future. I will be as transparent with this as possible. I will always make an update on the website and I may also give the never document a new volume name.

For students with an active membership to Shani’s Tutoring, you will have immediate access to the newer content when I make it available. However, for those who have purchased documents from the shop, I cannot guarantee you free access to the new version. Instead, I will be happy to offer discounted prices. If this is the case, please feel free to contact me regarding a discount and inform me of the email address you used to purchase an older version. If I can verify a previous purchase, I will provide you with a one-time voucher that you may use to purchase the newer version at a significantly discounted price.

Please note that all the prices on my website are subject to change. I reserve the right to review and alter the prices in line with inflation. Furthermore, I reserve the right to update and alter the prices on my website based on changes to demand, the cost of running the website, the content of the documents, my financial situation and any other reason. These changes will not affect those who have already bought a document. However, they may impact people who would like to purchase a newer version.

Referencing and Giving Credit

Users are free to reference my blog posts and other material in their blogs and social media, provided that they credit my work. In addition, anyone referencing my work should ensure that they are not making public any material that is behind a paywall and would otherwise not be available to the public. Quotes of any material that I have hidden behind a paywall should not exceed 10% per resource. I would appreciate it if you could keep these quotes as brief as possible. Please also make sure that you are linking back to my website and/or social media.

With regards to my blog posts, please make sure that you link the post where you gained your information. As well as being an essential part of this copyright notice, it is also very good internet etiquette. Please be aware, though, that my work on Shani’s Tutoring is not peer-reviewed. Therefore, you should not cite me as a source of information for academic writing such as dissertations and graded essays. I have a great deal of experience and research under my belt and I know what I am talking about. However, I compile my information from a number of different sources that would be much more credible in your academic writing.

Please contact me if you would like some help with finding the correct academic resources for your work. A one-to-one session for this purpose would take half an hour and I would charge £14. If you are on a valid Shani’s Tutoring membership at the time, I will reduce this price to £10 for half an hour.

In the Event of a Site-Wide Ban

In the event that you break any of the Rules and Guidelines of Shani’s Tutoring, you may be subject to disciplinary action. The nature of this disciplinary action will depend on the severity of the rule-breaking. Users could receive a suspension or even a site-wide ban. In some cases, the authorities may be contacted.

If you are banned from the website, you will lose access to all of the intellectual property stored here. In this case, I will offer no refunds. If you are a member and you break the rules, you are forfeiting your right to benefit from any of the material provided in your membership.

On the other hand, if you have purchased any material outright from the shop on Shani’s Tutoring, you may gain access to that specific document. Please email me and provide the name of the document you would like to access, as well as proof of purchase. I will then verify this information with my own records and then provide a one-time downloadable link.

Please make sure that you follow all of the rules and honour this copyright notice to keep your account intact. You may appeal a ban through the appeal process listed in the Rules and Guidelines. If you believe that you have been wrongfully banned, please compile as much evidence as you can. However, outside of providing you with purchased material and reviewing appeals, I reserve the right to refuse to communicate with any banned members.