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Shani’s Tutoring

Quality, affordable tutoring and resources for English Language, Literature and EFL. Exam preparation for GCSE and A-Level students. “Start Early” sessions for Key Stage 3. Classes that get you ready for university lectures and seminars. For students aged 13 and beyond!

Study From Anywhere

All of my lessons are online and can be accessed via a laptop or phone. That means you never have to be away from English success again!

Access Worksheets and Exam Papers

Members can access almost all of the resources on my shop for no extra cost! You can always find something to help you improve your grades!

Join the Learner Community

Get tips and advice from fellow students. Find help from a qualified English teacher. Share your goals and progress to keep yourself accountable!

Ask Your Burning Questions

There is no such thing as a silly question. Use the forums or request a new lesson to grow your understanding. With time, you’ll be a master of English!

Growing Life-Long Skills

Here at Shani’s Tutoring, my main priority is to give you an English education to last a lifetime. I don’t just prepare you for your exams. You learn skills that will help you in any job and the knowledge you need to back it up. You’ll even learn how to talk to people better!

English isn’t just about reading Shakespeare and writing long essays. It’s about understanding how we can use our words to influence people. That’s a skill you need if you want to market yourself or be a leader in any job industry.

I focus on the big picture, but make sure you boost your grades along the way.

Memberships Designed With You in Mind





My goal is to make quality tutoring affordable and accessible to as many students as I can. That is why I have built my membership with students and parents in mind. It has been carefully created to make sure that prices stay low, no matter how much time you spend here on Shani’s Tutoring.

For a monthly fee, you can access the resources and lessons that you need to succeed. My study guides, worksheets, exam papers and community pages are here for you at the click of a button. Thanks to this self-service model, I can give you all of the benefits of conventional tutoring at a fraction of the price. Sign up on a monthly basis based on your needs, and get resources whenever you need them – 24/7!

Worried you might miss out on the personal part of having a private tutor? Don’t worry! I am available every day on the Study Community Forums to help you – included in your monthly subscription. For extra guidance, you can book an online tutoring session with me or look out for my upcoming events.

I’m even creating some online courses as we speak! These will be available for an extra cost and will take you through everything you need to know to do well in your GCSEs and A-levels. I use a proven, step-by-step method full of quizzes and revision resources that will make the learning stick.

I am always looking for a way to make education fun. So, I have introduced the Shani’s Tutoring Points systems! They make fun with leaderboards, challenges and bonus points for being active. The best part is you can use them in the shop to get a discount!

Resources You’ll Love

All of the following resources are free of charge with a membership to Shani’s Tutoring!

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