English Language & Literature
I offer English Language and Literature tutoring for school years 7-13. Boost your grades in English at school and learn more about poetry, Shakespeare, writinge essays, analysing texts and much more!
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English as a Second Language
Are you learning English? My EFL and ESL conversation classes could be just what you're looking for. We'll get you talking like a native in no time!
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Are you studying History at school? My classes will help you to analyse your sources, form your argument and write that perfect essay!
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Essay Marking
Just need someone to check your essays? I've got you covered! Book in for my essay marking service and get detailed feedback within 3 days!
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Primary Years 5 & 6
Are you keen to prepare your child for the demands of secondary school life? I have a solution! Find out more about my Early Essays Package!
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Coming Soon: English Literature Webinars
I am in the process of planning affordable weekly seminars with Zoom. These will cover a range of topics, including Iambic Pentameter, How to Write an Essay and How to Read Poetry. Stay tuned!
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Coming Soon: Online Courses
I am in the process of creating exam preparation courses do get you English Literature ready! The first one will be Hamlet and will take you from the first scene all the way to the end. Stay tuned!
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If you're on the hunt for some quick advice, why not try my blog?
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My name is Shani and I have been a tutor since my first year of university in 2015, when I joined the online company, MyTutor. During my my time studying for my M.A in History at the University of Glasgow, I supplemented my studies with two years of English Literature courses.

During my time with MyTutor, I have been fortunate enough to be a part of their Schools Programme, in which tutors were given the opportunity to provide supplementary classes for children in school settings, and even rise to become a Premium Tutor.

I am a strong believer that a family’s financial situation should not stop their children from achieving their best. So, I am dedicated to creating affordable, good-quality ways for students to get the extra support they need.

I have a Level 5 qualification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and have received an enhanced DBS certificate.


English Webinars

Do you ever struggle with English at school? Wish that you just had an extra hour or two with your teacher?

With the whole COVID situation stopping you from getting the most out of your school experience, it can be very easy to feel as though you’re being left in the dark.

Well, I have a solution for this! I am putting together affordable, one-hour English Language and Literature webinars to set you up for success in your future exams.

We will go through an important topic and then I will answer all of your burning questions at the end!

The webinars will cost £5 per person per hour on Zoom and I will provide you with a calendar of topics so you can pick and choose which events you need to attend the most!

All you need is a computer, an internet connection and somewhere to write your notes. No need to worry about social distancing!

I am planning to start these at the beginning of September. If you’re interested, why not let me know on Facebook? That way, I can get them out as soon as possible.


Why English Literature?

Many of my students ask me: why do we need to study English Literature anyway? By law in the UK, it isn’t compulsory like English Language is. Why do we have to pick apart books in the way we do?

Believe me when I say that I understand the struggle. For someone who is new to English Literature as a subject, it can seem pretty pointless.

Most of the texts in the Eng Lit syllabus are fiction, so it can see like we’re making a big fuss out of nothing.

Why do we need to read and analyse things that didn’t even happen when we can focus on fact-based subjects like History and Science?

For a lot of us, it can seem as though schools are making us work for nothing. They shove a 200-year-old text at us and tell us to “analyse” and then we’re supposed to write essays and make good points in class.

What can we really learn from Chaucer or Austin or Robert Louis Stevenson? Fiction is all about entertaining people, right?

However, English isn’t just about the books that our teachers make us read!

Sure, reading a little Brontë here and Shakespeare there can make us into cultured individuals. That would be a silly reason on its own, though!

As a subject, English is a lot more about the skills that you learn along the way. There are a lot of them!

For one, it teaches you to be critical of the things you read. These days, anyone can say whatever they want on the internet. Their work doesn’t need to be fact checked and no one is going to take it down if it’s wrong!

So, it’s important that we equip ourselves with an understanding of the underlying messages that people hide in their words and also how to spot propaganda and fake news. The more you analyse texts, the better equipped you will be to do that.

Secondly, it helps you with other subjects. You learn how to write essays and make arguments. If you want to write a few things yourself, studying the greats is a perfect way to start. If you’re lucky, you might even do a little philosophy! Or, at the very least, you’ll be studying philosophers. So many of the skills in English Literature are transferrable.

Plus, Literature is a lot more factual than you might first think. The messages people put in their work can give you a very interesting insight into the time: what interested people, what was considered scary or moral. You’ve just got to crack the code.

So why not check out my blog and give English Literature a chance?