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The semantic field of winter is yet another one that you might come across in your reading. Writers use winter imagery to invoke loads of things: coldness, meanness, festivities, wonder, death and old age – just to name a few! That’s why it’s a great semantic field to know for your exams.

This word search has 22 official terms that relate to winter. There are no clues, so you can challenge yourself to think of words that are related to this semantic field in some way! This will help you to notice winter words in the future.



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Semantic Field of Winter Word Search

The semantic field of winter can be used for many different reasons. The reasons could be good or bad! For example, it could be to do with religious and cultural celebrations like Christmas, Hannukah and New Year. Snow is beautiful. So is the winter solstice. For many different cultures, it is a time of giving. Plus, it’s time to bust out the warm socks and hot chocolate. What’s not to love about that?

On the other hand, you don’t see a lot of plants or animals around at this time. Plants die. Animals go to sleep. Everything is cold. So, it’s natural for many writers to associate winter with bad things like death, too! We have also kept ideas from back when farming was harder than it is now. Most crops don’t grow in the winter. So, some people see winter as a time of scarcity and hardship.

When you are looking at the semantic field of winter in a piece of work, it is important for you to think about the different perspectives that someone might have. These can be based on many things! Social class, job, religion, culture, where you are in the world and the time period of the story – just to name a few. Make sure you always take note of that!

It is a good idea to think about what words have something to do with winter. This word search can help you!

How the Semantic Field of Winter Word Search Can Help You

As you can see, writers use this semantic field in many different ways. You can find it in lots of great texts! Of course, it will be in a story like A Christmas Carol, which relies on the winter setting. However, it is also present where you might not expect it! For example, Frankenstein makes his creature in “a dreary night in November”. The book starts in the winter to help set the tone!

So, this word search can help you learn the semantic field of winter. Since there are no clues, you have to challenge yourself. You will need to think of as many words that relate to winter and then find them in the word search for yourself! That will get you in the right mindset to think about this semantic field!

The term “semantic field” counts as “subject terminology”. According to the government’s national curriculum and the assessment objectives of the major exam boards, examiners need to be on the lookout for this! So, brushing up on as many semantic fields as you can (including winter) will help to boost your marks in a fun way.

Plus, it doesn’t feel like revision! It’s much more fun than the more conventional methods. So, it can be used to unwind from studying or to break up the harder sessions! That sounds like a win to me!

For more information on semantic fields, check out my dedicated lesson on it in the tips and tricks section of the website. This lesson is available to all students who have an active Shani’s Tutoring membership and comes with a great forum discussion containing a list of some of the other common semantic fields. Please be aware: if you have a membership, this worksheet is included at no extra cost.

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