Semantic Field of Hospitals – Word Search


The semantic field of hospitals is one that could come up in the unseen texts of your exams. In fact, there have been unseen texts set in hospitals for the AQA A-level before!

This affordable word search will help you to make sure you’ve got it covered. Plus, it’s a great way to break up the normal, boring revision and take a break! There are no clues for this word search, so it is up to you to find the 22 terms all on your own.



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Semantic Field of Hospitals Word Search

The semantic field of hospitals might not be as common as death, hell or war. However, it is still one that could come up in your exams. I’ve seen it in the A-level unseen texts before! That means that this isn’t an obscure semantic field!

Lots of texts talk about hospitals. They mean a lot of things to a lot of people. For example, in Philip Larkin’s time, when you saw an ambulance, you assumed that the person inside would die. He explores that idea in a poem that’s on the WJEC A-level spec! Of course, we don’t think of hospitals like that as much anymore. Then again, things have changed a bit lately.

This worksheet is a great way to prepare you for the semantic field of hospitals. You have no clues. So, you have to think of words that work in this semantic field and then find them in the word search!

I recommend using these word searches to break up your boring revision sessions. You won’t feel like studying even though you are! That means that it will provide you with a much-needed break!

How the Semantic Field of Hospitals Word Search Can Help You

For part of the government’s national curriculum, you need to be able to use subject terminology. That includes terms like “metaphor”, “verb” and “iambic pentameter”. Semantic fields count in that list, too! So, if you use the term the right way and find some good words to back it up, you’re on the right track!

Since the semantic field of hospitals could come up in your exam, it helps to make sure you know some of the words! Here are some of the great ways that you can use this word search:

  • To help you revise for your GCSEs or A-levels.
  • To impress your KS3 English teachers.
  • For creative writing ideas (including the writing parts of your exams).
  • To prepare you for any unseen texts.
  • For that extra pre-degree prep.

No matter what stage of your English studies you’re at, it can help to know the semantic field of hospitals. So, don’t miss out! Make sure you prepare for all of your exams right now! Trust me when I say that you’ll be so grateful that you did!

For more information on semantic fields, check out my dedicated lesson on it in the tips and tricks section of the website. This lesson is available to all students who have an active Shani’s Tutoring membership and comes with a great forum discussion containing a list of some of the other common semantic fields. Please be aware: if you have a membership, this worksheet is included at no extra cost.

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