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The Semantic Field of Christmas word search is a fun way to keep on revising during your Christmas holidays.

With this affordable word search, you’ll be using some great subject terminology in your exams in no time! It’s an easy way to boost your marks! Find the 22 official terms and use them to help you think of other words related to Christmas.



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Semantic Field of Christmas Word Search

Fun, affordable and full of great words, this Semantic Field of Christmas Word Search is a great way to revise over the holidays!

This semantic field is an important one to learn. Lots of English students have to read A Christmas Carol at some point in their lives. You can bet that there are loads of words related to Christmas in that book! Even if Scrooge starts off hating this great holiday!

Plus, lots of people use the idea of Christmas to talk about something that makes them happy! Think about the saying “Christmas came early this year”. People use it when they feel like something great has happened to them! Writers are usually a little bit more subtle with their own words, though. So, they might use words in the semantic field of Christmas to give you this idea instead!

This word search will help you to brush up on the words you might associate with Christmas. There are no clues. So, you have to think of them all by yourself before you find them in the word search! That will get your mind on the right track. You’ll have the independence to find words in the semantic field of Christmas in no time!

This word search has 22 official terms. Don’t let that limit you, though! There are loads of other words that fit into this semantic field! If you think of any more when you’re filling it in, make sure to write them down and keep them safe!

How the Semantic Field of Christmas Word Search Can Help You

This word search is great for you if you:

  • Are doing A Christmas Carol for your exams.
  • Want to find a way to brush up on your subject terminology in a fun, Christmas-friendly way.
  • Are going to do an A-level or degree in English.
  • Want to find a helpful way to break up long revision sessions.
  • Are looking for ways to impress your KS3 teachers.
  • Have an unseen section in your exams.

There are also lots of other reasons why it might be good for you. For example, it’s a good activity for homeschool students. Plus, teachers can pick it up for their classes – if they have a Teacher Distribution License, of course!

If you don’t celebrate Christmas or dislike the more secular elements of the holiday, why not check out my winter or church semantic field word searches for something a little different?

But why do semantic fields matter so much? Well, they count as subject-specific terminology. That’s something the government expects exam boards to be on the lookout for in exams. They say so in their national curriculum! It’s an easy way to boost your marks!

For more information on semantic fields, check out my dedicated lesson on it in the tips and tricks section of the website. This lesson is available to all students who have an active Shani’s Tutoring membership and comes with a great forum discussion containing a list of some of the other common semantic fields. Please be aware: if you have a membership, this worksheet is included at no extra cost.

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  1. snow (verified owner)

    Helpful with revisions, I was very surprised by the amount of texts that references Christmas and its semantic field, so it’s quite useful to know it !

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