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This word search works very nicely with my other one on the sea. It is common in many texts that you might study, so why not get a head start?



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Boats can serve as a powerful metaphor in writing: both when you are making your own work and reading the work of others.

On one hand, it can represent adventure, travel and exploration. Think of Moana using her boat to go on an adventure! On the other hand, it could symbolise a stable place in the middle of the chaotic sea. You might have even called someone you care about your “anchor”!

The semantic field of boats is really everywhere. So, it makes sense for you to be on the lookout for it! That’s where this word search can come in handy!

It will help you to brush up on words that fit into the semantic field of boats so that you feel ready for your exams. You’ll be on the lookout for this particular semantic field.

So, you’ll be much more aware when writers use it to create an extended metaphor! Plus, you’ll be aware of how you use it in your own writing. That way, you can be sure you’re using it in a meaningful way. That’s a great way to get top marks!

This word search has 22 official terms. There are no clues, though! That means that you need to think of words that fit into the semantic field of boats all by yourself. Then, you need to find them in the word search!

If you think of any other words that fit, make sure that you write them down in your notes, too. Keep them safe. They could come in handy in the future!

How the Semantic Field of Boats Word Search Can Help You

There are loads of ways that you can use this word search to help you. Here are a few:

  • Have to write about Life of Pi in your exams.
  • Want to brush up on your subject terminology for the unseen part of the English Language exams.
  • Are looking for a useful way to break up your long revision sessions.
  • Would like to make your own, amazing creative writing with extended metaphors.
  • Are going to do an A-level or degree in English.
  • Want to impress your KS3 teachers.
  • Have an unseen section in your exams.

The more semantic fields you know, the better! So, why not have a look at my whole series of word searches? It might be of use to you!

The term “semantic field” counts as subject terminology. All the major exam boards and the government’s national curriculum are on the lookout for subject terminology. So, if you can find a way to use that term in your exams, you could boost your marks! This word search will help you!

If you are a teacher or tutor, you might want to use this word search as a do-now or starter activity. Just make sure that you get the Teacher Distribution License if you want to print it for your students.

For more information on semantic fields, check out my dedicated lesson on it in the tips and tricks section of the website. This lesson is available to all students who have an active Shani’s Tutoring membership and comes with a great forum discussion containing a list of some of the other common semantic fields. Please be aware: if you have a membership, this worksheet is included at no extra cost.

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