Poetry Terms Crossword

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This affordable revision aid is perfect for you if you need to brush up on your poetry terms. Perfect for you if you have a poetry anthology or unseen element of your English exam, you can revise without feeling bogged down with the conventional study methods.

The clues in this crossword are simple and easy to understand. I include the most common poetic devices that you might come across in the poems and provide examples where necessary.

Please remember: this crossword should be used as one part of a comprehensive revision plan. It isn’t enough to do this crossword on its own, but it can be a great and fun way to brush up on your skills and identify what you need to work on. Make sure you also use other resources such as books, notes and the lessons on this website for the best results.



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Poetry Terms Crossword

This affordable poetry terms crossword is a great, fun way to brush up on some important subject terminology for your exam. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing your GCSEs, A-levels or degree. It is important for you to know the names of the devices that poets use. That will help you to make sure you can talk about the poem properly and show off your knowledge with ease.

Plus, the government asks schools and exam boards to make sure all of their students use “subject terminology”. Poetry terms definitely count, so using these words in your exams (where appropriate) will help you to tick off one box. It’s easy marks! For the best results, combine this great worksheet with the Grammar and Literary Devices crosswords. That way, you can be sure that you can name as many terms as possible!

The best thing about this crossword is that it doesn’t feel like revision. Sure, you have to think about the names of important terms based on some simple clues. However, it helps you to take a break from reading revision books and making notes. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll have a good idea of which poetry terms you know and which terms you still need to work on. That will help you to spend your time on the areas where you need the most help and make your revision much more efficient.

Once you find out what terms you need to learn more about, you can use my tips and tricks and other worksheets to help you. I recommend starting as early as you can with your revision to limit the need to cram at the end of the year. That will cut down your stress and let you focus on other things!

Who is the Poetry Terms Crossword For?

I made this crossword to specifically cater to students studying for the poetry terms that students need to use in their GCSE exams. You can use it to help you with the poetry anthology and unseen poetry sections of your GCSE English exams. However, its uses don’t just stop there! There are loads of people who can benefit from this crossword!

If you have already finished your GCSE exams, you still need to know these terms. You will need them if you are doing an A-level in English. You will need them if you want to do a degree in English. In fact, I would recommend using this crossword at any stage of your English journey. Maybe you just love poems and want to learn more about them! Maybe you just love crosswords! Those are also valid reasons!

Adults could benefit from this crossword. It will help you to aid the kids in your care. If you know the poetry terms, you can help them with their own work. So, PGCE English students might want to give the crossword a go, too!

If you’re a KS3 student, you could also benefit from this great crossword. After all, it is never too early to brush up on the terms you’ll need for your GCSE exams! The more work you do now, the less you’ll have to do when the revision period rolls around. Yes, even something as fun as a crossword counts as studying if you use it right!

Answers are included in a separate PDF file. That way, you can check your progress once you’re done! Just make sure that you try your hardest before you check!

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  1. eleanorw (verified owner)

    Even as a university student I need to keep remembering these terms and this crossword is a fun way of doing that and since it has infinite downloads I can use it anytime! Once again it downloaded easily and I didn’t have any issues, it’s definitely worth the money!

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