Organise Your Notes – Prose Edition


The ‘Organise Your Notes’ worksheet is packed full of prompts designed to help you think deeply about the texts you’re reading and keep you organised. Print as many times as you want!

The prose edition of this worksheet is especially for short stories and books with chapters. Poetry and play versions are coming very soon!

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Organise Your Notes Prose Edition

Making notes for your texts in school can be hard. There are three main problems that you might have with note-taking:

  1. Writing straight into a book hurts. I don’t know about you, but I barely tolerate it when I break the spine! Plus, trying to squeeze all of your notes into the margins is just no fun. There’s not nearly enough space.
  2. Notes can be hard to organise. If you’re the kind of person who writes on paper, pages can be easy to lose. If you like to write in a notebook, it’s not so easy to add to your notes when you come back to a chapter.
  3. Not knowing what to make notes on. This is especially true when you’re just getting used to the whole note-taking thing. Sure, you know that you need to take notes. That’s all well and good. However, what notes should you take?

Well, I have designed this worksheet to solve all of those problems!

You can print it on A4 paper, so you can ditch all of those tiny margins and keep your books looking clean. It asks you to note the chapter and pages, so you can very easily sort through your notes. Finding the matching part of your book is a breeze. Plus, I have packed it with prompts to get you thinking about the text in the right way. You’ll be exam-ready in no time!

This time-saving worksheet can be printed as many times as you need. There’s space to hole-punch so that you can add it to a folder and keep it nice and safe.

This particular version of the note organisation worksheet is for prose work. That means it’s perfect for short stories and books with chapters. The poetry and play versions are coming soon!

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