Literary Devices Crossword

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This revision aid gives helps you to recap some of the most important literary devices for your English GCSE in a fun way.

Forget the boring process of reading through dull notes. This crossword will help you to identify literary devices and make sure that you can spell them the right way. If you can get through this puzzle, you know you can name some of the most important devices for your English exams!

Of course, just remember to keep revising! This crossword is a great part of your revision, but you will need to keep reminding yourself of these names so you don’t forget them. Check out my other resources for more ways to keep them in your head.

All answers are provided on a separate PDF so that you can check over your progress at the end.



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Literary Devices Crossword

This crossword is designed to help you to revise the most important literary devices for your GCSEs. You will have to guess which literary device I’m talking about based on short clues and write them in the right places! It’s much more interesting than just staring at a boring, old list of devices.

As an English student, you are going to need to know lots of subject terminology for your exams. In fact, the exam boards and even the government state that they are going to be on the lookout for them! If you forget to add them when you’re writing your essays, you are going to lose a lot of marks.

To be honest, adding in literary devices is a quick and easy way to get your marks up in an English exam. There really is no downside to making sure you know what you’re talking about!

That’s where this great crossword will help you. You can refresh your memory with my small tips and tricks and make sure that you know how to spell each one the right way. Plus, you can even have fun while you’re at it!

Remember that a good revision is about going over the topics as much as you can. So, while this crossword is a addition to your revision, don’t let it be the only thing you do! Combine this worksheet with lots of other, great resources to get the best results.

Who Can Use This Crossword

This crossword is designed for people who are sitting their GCSE exams in English Language and literature. It does’t matter if you are only sitting the English language exam. It is still a very good idea to make sure you understand these literary devices! So, if you’re someone who wants a break from conventional revision or just wants to boost their revision sessions, this worksheet is for you!

However, it is also important that A-level students are also aware of these terms. Since this crossword is full of GCSE-level literary devices, it’s a great way to refresh your memory. Then, you an build on it with the new things you learn in your A-level years.

It is never too early to start revising. If you work some revision in throughout the year, it will make revision period so much easier for you! You’ll have a lot less cramming to do! This crossword is a great way to do that without feeling like you’re actually studying. If you’re someone who hates to revise, that could be a huge help.

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  1. eleanorw (verified owner)

    Literary devices are something I need to brush up on due to my current course and this crossword is actually really helpful! As with the grammar terms crossword this one downloaded easily and I’m glad I can use it infinitly!

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