Language Paper 1 Practice: Wizard of Oz


Prepare for your AQA GCSE English Language Paper One with this practice paper based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!



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Language Paper 1 Practice Wizard

This practice paper is based on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and will help you to prepare for AQA language paper 1!

There are only so many practice papers out there written by AQA itself. So, I have written some of my own to help you get the best practice possible!

I design my practice papers to give students as much cultural capital as possible. So, I choose some of the most well-known and important texts of the past and use extracts from them! That way, students get a better understanding of literature as a whole while also practising for their GCSE exams.

For the best results, you can combine these practice papers with a marking session from me. You complete the work, and I give you the feedback you need! That’s a great option for your study leave days!

If you’re a tutor or teacher, it is always useful to add more papers to your resources. This Wizard of Oz language practice paper is different to the other stuff that is currently out there. So, your students will see a variety of texts before they face the real paper. You just need the Teacher Distribution License if you’re using it in your classes or tutoring sessions.

Please be aware: people on a Study Buddy membership tier or higher can access this practice paper at no extra cost.

Copyright Information

Copyright © Shani’s Tutoring. All rights reserved.

I created this language practice paper using an extract from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. This text is now out of copyright, which means anyone can legally use, reproduce and distribute it. Details on UK public domain laws can be found on the British Library website.

In addition, I have also used pictures from Johannes Plenio on Pexels.

While my phrasing of the questions is similar to the AQA standard, however, the content of each question is my own work. The layout is also my own. Therefore, this particular PDF is protected under copyright.

This practice paper is for personal use only.

The only exception to this is for teachers or tutors with a valid and up-to-date Teacher Distribution License for the month when they distribute the practice paper. In this case, please follow the rules laid out on that license.

Please note that all digital products on Shani’s Tutoring follow Shani’s Tutoring Copyright notice. To find out more about your rights to Shani’s Tutoring intellectual property, please see my dedicated page.

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