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Shani’s Tutoring Cornell Notes

If you’re struggling to write notes in school, Cornell Notes are wonderful for you to try! Originating in Cornell University, this note-taking system is a wonderful way to split up your notes to make them easier to understand later on.

In my blog post on how to take notes well, I mentioned the benefits of the Cornell system of taking notes. However, there were some other note-taking tips that I mentioned which weren’t included in this system! So, I decided to create my own PDF version inspired by Cornell Notes with my own little extras added in.

So, introducing Shani’s Tutoring Cornell-Inspired Notes!

After printing this PDF, you can print out as many copies as you want – as long as it’s for personal use! Keep using the same PDF again and again with every single thing you need to write notes on! It will help you to train yourself to get down all the things you need.

And it’s in 12 different colours! So, you get to choose which one is best for you!

Please note: you can only purchase one set of notes per basket order. This is to make sure that people don’t accidentally purchase the same PDF twice. If you want to buy more than one colour of Shani’s Tutoring Cornell Inspired-Notes, please do so one at a time or check out the bundle.

Pages: 2

Colour variations: 12

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This notes PDF must be used for personal use only.

The only exception to this is for teachers or tutors with a valid and up-to-date Teacher Distribution License for the month when they distribute the notes PDF. In which case, please follow the rules laid out on that license.

Please note that all digital products on Shani’s Tutoring follow the Shani’s Tutoring Copyright notice. To find out more about your rights to Shani’s Tutoring intellectual property, please see my dedicated page.

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