Shani’s Tutoring Subscription Service – Coming Soon!

The Shani’s Tutoring subscription service is the first of its kind! All students on the subscription get access to weekly worksheets designed to help you through your studies. Also, we have an online community where you can ask questions, chat to other users and get to know me, your new tutor! Plus, depending on the membership level that you choose, you can get podcasts, webinars, streams, group classes and much, much more! All of this is offered to you at an affordable monthly cost.

I am opening this service very soon for new users, so please feel free to join on or after the opening date. I am hoping that we can get 20 students for the grand opening, so please join and benefit from all of the great resources that I will offer you!

Who Are the Shani’s Tutoring Subscriptions For?

A subscription with Shani’s Tutoring is for anyone. If you want to learn more about English, I can help you! It doesn’t matter what your goal is!

However, I do have specialised membership levels for school students. I have lots of experience on how to make worksheets and resources for GCSE and A-Level students in particular. During this hard time, I am focussing on making the service as helpful as I can to school students. After all, homeschooling is hard! I want to make sure that students and parents feel confident during this 2021 lockdown.

However, resources for people with other aims are on their way! This includes:

  • People who are preparing to go to an English-speaking university.
  • People who would like to improve their English for work purposes.
  • Parents who want to refresh their English skills so that they can help their children confidently.
  • Young people who want to improve their English for their creative writing.

Once you have an account, make sure that you fill out your “Learner Info” on your profile. That way, I can see what it is you’re looking for! Then, I’ll be able to make content better tailored to your goals. I will try my best, but I can’t promise that the worksheets or other content will fit your goals perfectly! Just make sure that you do as many worksheets as you can and keep up to date with your Shani’s Tutoring Subscription.

Which Membership Level Should I Choose?

The membership level that you choose depends on how independent you (or your child) are. All types of learners can thrive in the right environment. You just need to make sure that you understand your personal study needs and learning style.

Independent learners learn best on their own. They are good at keeping themselves focussed, setting and meeting personal deadlines and keeping organised. Once they know what tasks they need to do, they can go through it alone. Plus, when they’re stuck, they prefer discover the answer to the problem on their own before asking questions. If you are an independent learner, the Worksheet Wonder level would work well for you. It is a £5 a month Shani’s Tutoring subscription that gives you all of the resources you need to study confidently on your own.

On the other hand, social learners thrive when they get help and feedback from others. They like to bounce off other people and share their ideas. Talking through their thoughts often helps to understand their work better. They often learn by teaching or explaining a topic, too! Social learners like to ask for tips and feedback, and are quick to adjust and adapt to any advice they are given. If you are a social learner, you may prefer more guidance from me! In which case, the Essay Expert level is great for you. It is a £60 a month Shani’s Tutoring subscription that gives you weekly classes, webinars, podcasts and streams. Plus, you also get essay feedback of up to 3000 words a month!

Of course, we don’t just work in extremes. You may find that you fall somewhere in the middle of independent and social! Most people do! In which case, check out one of the levels in between!

What Are You Planning in the Future?

I am very aware that not all students have great internet access, or hardware like laptops or tablets. That gives some people a huge disadvantage when it comes to being able to benefit from online resources such as a Shani’s Tutoring subscription. In particular, this can be hard during the COVID pandemic, when most schools only offer online schooling.

So, I have plans to offer my worksheets in a weekly or monthly subscription box! I would like to make a booklet of sheets and a separate booklet with all of the answers. Then, along with some other goodies, I would like to deliver physical copies of my worksheets and other resources directly to students who struggle with online learning.

However, this is a huge undertaking! It will take time to get this ready and gather the funds to make it work! So, I am going to wait until I have at last 300 subscription members and I have lots of resources to give them. After all, I will need at least 30 worksheets! This means that the most relevant worksheets will be available on the online Shani’s Tutoring subscription. However, physical copy box customers will have the resources printed for them directly.

Other than that, once I am established, I would love to see if I can partner with a charity that provides technology, internet access and hardware to get students online. It is my dream to help as many students as I can to unlock their full potential.

So, When Can We Get a Shani’s Tutoring Subscription?

I have spent the Christmas holidays creating the website, adding social groups and forum categories, creating pages, and thinking of the help and advice that I can give you. It took me time to integrate Zoom to the groups so that you can get to your weekly classes easily. Plus, I needed to spend time to bug test, get feedback and find ways to make Shani’s Tutoring awesome. The Shani’s Tutoring subscription is the first of its kind (that I could find), so I’m working on trial and error.

However, I think we’re almost there. As of the 6th January 2021, I have done most of the hard work and I am ready to populate the site with worksheets, podcasts and streams. So, I aim to be ready in 6 days. Tuesday 12th January 2020!



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Shani’s Tutoring Subscription Launch!

Watch out for the subscription levels on Tuesday! I can’t wait to meet you and help you with my favourite subject!

Until then, I hope you stay safe and keep learning!