Is a Membership Cheaper Than Private Tutoring?

I have been asked many times if a membership with Shani’s Tutoring is cheaper than traditional tutoring. Many parents would like to know if the Shani’s Tutoring membership tiers cost less than usual one-to-one or group session rates.

The answer is: YES! They are are much cheaper than regular private tutoring! Here are a few reasons why.

You Are Paying For the Month, Not the Hour #

When you pay for a membership on Shani’s Tutoring, you are gaining a month of content. With my Group Genius membership tier you get 1 group class per week, access to the Learner’s Community, podcasts, webinars, drop-in sessions and plenty of content for students to work from. The £40 per month price works out at £10 per week!

In contrast, the average cost of a private tutor is over £30 per hour. That works out to be over £120 per month, if you want a class every week. That’s over 3x more expensive than the Group Genius tier. In fact, even the most expensive membership tier, Essay Expert, is cheaper. It’s less than half of the price of your average private tutor per month, at £60.

Granted, the private tutor costs are for one-to-one sessions whereas my membership tiers offer group classes. However, all of the added content and benefits with the Shani’s Tutoring membership tier more than makes up the difference. Students are always free to message me, ask for advice and recommend new worksheets and topics to cover.

Plus, group sessions have their benefits! Especially in English! Students work well when they bounce off each other and share ideas. Plus, it takes the pressure off more shy students and prepares them better for university. Both one-to-one and group sessions have their benefits!

The Memberships Make One-To-One Tutoring Cheaper #

When you subscribe to a monthly membership tier on Shani’s Tutoring, you benefit from a members-only discount on one-to-one tutoring on top of all of the great benefits! Instead of my usual £28 price (which is already more affordable than most tutoring agencies), you can get a one-to-one school session for £20 per hour!

So, if you decided that you wanted to combine the group sessions with some one-to-one time for the best results, you would pay £140 per month for all of the following benefits:

  • Access to the Learner Community.
  • The ability to ask questions on the forum.
  • Weekly Tips and Tricks (small blog post-based classes).
  • Weekly worksheets, exercises and quizzes.
  • Podcasts on English every week.
  • Weekly lecture-style webinars.
  • Weekly drop-in sessions.
  • 4x group sessions a month.
  • 4x 1 hour one-to-one sessions a month.

That would mean that you would be paying roughly the same as the average private tutoring rates for 4 one-to-one tutoring classes per month. However, you will also be getting much more content in addition. You’d have a total of 8 contact hours a month with me, which is double the usual! The membership tiers on Shani’s Tutoring is therefore much better value for money!

You Can Change Your Plan at Any Time #

Another great benefit is the ability to change your plan at any time. You can go into your membership settings at the drop of a hat and update things to work out for you.

The memberships are prorated. That means that you are only charged the difference if you you upgrade your membership mid-month, making it the cheapest way to adapt your learning to suit your needs.

For example, let’s say that you want to move up from the Group Genius to the Essay Expert tier half way through the month. It will work out how much of the membership you have already spent. Then, it will calculate how much it would cost to be on the Essay Expert tier for half of a month. Finally, it will minus the extra credit that you have on your account from the total, so you are never over-charged!

On the other hand, if you want to drop down to a cheaper membership tier, I have you covered, too. It credits your account so that you pay less next month!

On top of that, many students don’t want to be as full-on with their school work over the summer holidays. However, parents often do want to keep their minds active during this time! So, my advice is to drop down your tier for those quieter months. Keep up with as much as you can, but pay no more than you need.

It Works Out Better For Me, Too! #

Private tutoring is a great career path. However, the demand for my services changes throughout the year. Plus, I spend a lot of my time chasing payments, creating invoices and calculating costs. That’s time I could have spent helping students!

So, the memberships work very well for me, too. They offer a sense of stability. The software that I use calculates the prices for me, automatically takes payments, gives you proof of purchase and even creates PDF invoices! Before this, I made them through Paypal, which took an extra fee for creating each invoice. Now, I pay a one-time price for the membership software and here are no hidden costs.

All of that time I spent on the payments side of things can now be spent on creating great resources. I don’t have to say the same thing many times to many different students, as I can make announcements to everyone at once! I can help loads of students all in one go, meaning I don’t have to turn down as much work as before. Plus, I can withdraw all Stripe payments once a month for a regular salary.

This membership programme works out cheaper for me in the long run. It saves me time, cuts out the middle man and helps me to be independent.


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