How to Support Shani’s Tutoring

If you’ve found your way onto this page, it means you’re looking for ways that you can support my goal to give excellent, affordable tutoring services to as many students as I can. Thank you so much for that! It means a lot that you’re thinking about ways you can help me out. I really couldn’t do this without people like you.

I created Shani’s Tutoring on my own. It’s been my job for the past few years to maintain it and watch it grow. I have a great deal of passion for helping students, but it does require a great deal of my time and money! That way, I can keep giving the best lessons I can and make sure my website is always up-to-date and user-friendly. If you’d like to help me on my journey, I really appreciate it.

There are many ways that you can help Shani’s Tutoring. Whether you can give your time, attention or financial help, it is all extremely important! If you choose to help, I would like to thank you again. Really, just having you read my content is enough. You’re going above and beyond!

Here are some of the things you can do to get involved.

Support My Content #

One of the best ways that you can help me is through your time and attention. After all, that’s the whole reason why I made this place! If people don’t want to spend their time here and give my resources attention, I’m failing to add value to their education. That would mean I’d need to re-think how I run this site. Hopefully, it’s worthy of attention right now!

It is thanks to people like you that Shani’s Tutoring has developed steadily over time. I’ve relied on people’s attention and time for a while now, and I am very grateful that you’ve given them to me. Every time you engage with Shani’s Tutoring, you’re supporting me. You do this when you read my blog posts, share my creations with others, and recommend my services. Without all your help, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

This engagement also encourages me to keep going. I know I’m doing something right, so I’ll keep it up!

So, thank you for everything you’ve sone so far. Continuing to back and encourage me will help me to spread my resources to the world! Here are some of the ways you can donate your time and attention to my journey.

Comment on Blog Posts #

When people comment their thoughts and opinions on my blog posts, it is a huge help to me. There are so many reasons why I rely on people’s interactions! The first one is simply that it encourages me to keep going.

There are others, though:

  • You could be asking questions that other people are too shy to ask! That helps everyone!
  • I get to hear about any suggestions or requests you might have for future content.
  • You can tell me when I’m getting something right. That’s a huge help for me, as it tells me what I should keep going.
  • On the other side of that, I also know what I should do less of if you communicate that with me!
  • Your comment encourages other people to comment as well. That creates an interesting dialogue.

While I have years of experience in tutoring and teaching, I rely on students and parents to tell me what they’d like me to cover. So, get involved! Support me by letting me know what you need me to talk about!

After all, Shani’s Tutoring is supposed to be a social platform! Communication is an important way for us to keep growing and learning together.

Share My Blog Posts on Social Media #

For a business like mine, attention can be extremely useful. It helps me to build up interest in my brand, make me more trustworthy and keep traffic to my website high. Clicks and views help me to make some ad revenue, too!

I try my best to release blog posts on a regular basis. With them, I aim to create content that will give students and parents the advice they need. That’s a big part of making sure that young people reach their full potential in their school lives.

These blogs also help me to build trust in my brand. That will help me to make sure I’m the tutor people turn to when they want the truth. After all, there’s a lot of confusing information out there! I want students and parents to know they can always come to me to find out everything they need to know.

That’s where you come in. If you see a blog post that you find interesting, I would really appreciate it if you could share it on your social media. A share on Facebook or a retweet can make all the difference. It doesn’t just support me, either! It also means my advice blogs could reach someone new who really needs to see them.

Sharing my work is a huge help – more than I can easily express!

Recommend a Friend #

You might know someone who would benefit from something I’ve made on Shani’s Tutoring! Whether it’s a blog post, worksheet or course, I might have something that’s just right for them! Or maybe you know someone who’s looking for an experienced tutor? If you think I could be of service, why not send them my way?

I really appreciate it when people tag me on Facebook posts or give a parent my contact details. It means a lot that you think of me when someone says they need some education help. That’s why it’s an excellent way to support Shani’s Tutoring.

Right now, I am looking for new students to tutor. I’m also always looking for people to join the website and learn in a new, more social way! Any time you mention me to someone who needs tutoring, you’re helping me to establish my brand and grow my tutoring business! So, even if I don’t get business immediately, it’s still a win for me!

Plus, with my 7+ years of tutoring experience and my PGCE, you know your friends and loved ones will be in safe hands with me!

Mention Shani’s Tutoring On Your Website #

If you have a website or blog of your own, a link to Shani’s Tutoring could be really helpful! I’m always looking for a way to improve my backlinks. That helps people to find my content easier and improves my SEO.

Plus, I’m also happy to talk about giving you some guest blog content in exchange for a link to this site. I do posts on English language arts, education, school life and creative writing.

This one is a bit trickier than the others, though. For the sake of your own site, it is important that you only link to my work if you think it’s relevant to what you’re talking about. Bad-quality or irrelevant links won’t help your site’s SEO. It won’t do a lot of good for mine, either. So while I appreciate the support, make sure you take care of your content!

If you think your site viewers would be interested in Shani’s Tutoring, linking to each other could be quite beneficial. That’s because people would appreciate links to other sites they might use. It would improve their trust in both our brands! Well, as long as our content is quality, anyway!

If you know a parenting blog or education site that might be interested in my content or guest blogs, I’d appreciate it if you let them know about me!

Drop Me an Email if You Notice a Mistake #

I write my blog posts over a couple of days. It doesn’t matter where I am: I write in my home and on the go! Sometimes, inspiration strikes me on the bus, and I can’t take my laptop out, so I start typing on my phone. Plus, with my full-time job as a teacher, I can’t write as much as I’d like! I often have to stop what I’m writing and continue later on.

That’s why I’m bound to make mistakes here and there. As much as I try to proofread my work before I press send, it’s never easy checking your own work for mistakes. I’ve spent so much time perfecting my content that I read the correct version of a word, even when the typo is staring me in the face.

Then there’s the time-sensitive nature of some of my blog posts. It’s no good releasing a post about the strikes or Rishi Sunak’s maths policy once those things are no longer relevant. With stuff like that, I can’t give myself the break I need to see my post with fresh eyes. I’ve just got to hit “publish”.

So, if you’re reading a blog post of mine, I could use your support. Please feel free to drop me an email or contact me on the website if you notice a typo. I’d appreciate knowing if I’ve made a mistake so I can fix it as soon as I can. The same goes for if you notice something weird about the formatting, too! I’d be extremely grateful!

Review My Products and Services #

Reviews are a great way to support Shani’s Tutoring. That’s because they help in so many different ways! Here are the big ones:

  • Your reviews on shop items tell me which resources are helpful. That way, I can make more like them!
  • If there are technical issues with a product or its description is misleading, it’s important that you let me know so I can fix it. Please don’t suffer in silence. I’ll do my best to fix it and give you an updated version.
  • The more reviews I get on a product, the more trustworthy it will be to other potential buyers.
  • A review on TrustPilot will help me to show that my business is legit and useful to others.

There are plenty of products on my shop that you can review. Simply giving me a star rating can be a huge help!

If you would like to support me but can’t afford a product, why not check out my free GCSE practice exam? A review on there could go a long way to building trust in my brand!

TrustPilot is vital to my business, too. If you’ve purchased anything from my site or had a tutoring session with me, please consider reviewing me over there. If you have the time, of course!

I don’t know about you, but I always check it to make sure a company is legit before I buy something! However, building that trust is tricky for new businesses like mine! You need trust to get trust! It’s a bit of a cycle! So, your support is much appreciated there!

Financial Support #

Of course, financial support can be a huge asset to my business as well. In the future, I hope that I can make Shani’s Tutoring my full-time job. I want to have group and one-to-one tutoring sessions online and in my Teaching Hub in Enfield. I want to offer lessons and courses over here on the website. That way, I can make tutoring as affordable as possible!

In order to make that a dream, donations would be very helpful to me. Right now, I’m putting all the money I earn back into making resources and paying for the website costs. If you have some change to spare, it would be amazing if you could help me with this! Of course, there’s no pressure! Your attention and time are amazing gifts to me.

Here are some of the ways you can make a financial donation to Shani’s Tutoring.

Become a Member and Get Unlimited Access to My Resources #

As you may know, most of my resources can only be accessed through a membership to the Study Buddy tier of Shani’s Tutoring. So, if there’s anything you can’t access (like a guide to the PETZAL essay structure), it’s because you need to be signed in as a member.

Right now, the biggest benefit of being a Study Buddy is getting almost all of the resources on my shop for free! However, there are a few lessons available on my guides section for you to check out (like the PETZAL essay guide). Plus, there are also a few revision games and other interactive resources you can play directly on the site!

A sneak peek at one of the online crosswords available with a membership to Shani's Tutoring.
A sneak peek at one of the interactive resources!

I am working on increasing the guides right now. I’m also creating a Discord server that students gain access to once they’re a member of the site. I’ll be running Q&A hours there and engaging with the community on a daily basis.

If you like what I have to offer on my blog posts or you’d like access to my resources, why not try out the membership? It’s full of great benefits, and the funds support me in continuing my work!

Purchase a Resource From My Website #

If you’re not so sure about a monthly memberships, I have some great resources available in my shop! Once you’ve bought one, you get a downloadable file with unlimited personal use (check out the Copyright Notice for more details about how you can use the resource).

My resources have all been designed to help students in their GCSE and A-level exams. They are fun, accessible and easy to use. Plus, I’ve made sure that I list them at an affordable price!

Buying a resource is a great way to support my journey on Shani’s Tutoring. It helps me to fund this place, whilst also making sure you gain something useful with your money. Plus, it gives me an idea of which of the resources are the most interesting to my customers.

If you’d like to give me some extra support, you can always drop a review of my product once you’ve bought it! You can leave a review here through the shop or on TrustPilot – or both!

Make a Donation to Shani’s Tutoring #

Of course, you might not be interested in buying anything or signing up to my membership. If that’s the case and you still want to help financially, thank you so much!

This is one of the rarer ways that I gain support for my work. However, it is very much appreciated! I do recommend you check out the shop, though! If you’re making a financial contribution to Shani’s Tutoring, why not get something out of it?

If you’d still like to just make a simple donation to Shani’s Tutoring, there is the option to do that. You can find it in the drop-down box here:

Click to make a donation to Shani’s Tutoring.

Make a one-time donation #

Make a monthly donation #

Make a yearly donation #

Choose an amount


Or enter a custom amount


Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

DonateDonate monthlyDonate yearly

Any donation amount is a huge help to me. So, thank you so much for your support!

Buy a Book or Resource For Teaching #

The most unusual way you can help Shani’s Tutoring is by donating a book or resource to help me to run my tuition sessions and create new resources.

I use these books and resources in many different ways:

  • Books on education theory to make sure I am always teaching in the most effective and evidence-based ways.
  • GCSE and A-level books that I can use when tutoring students.
  • GCSE and A-level books that I can use to educate myself on changes to the exam board or the subjects I’m teaching.
  • Books in maths and science to help me broaden the subjects I create resources for.
  • Physical resources and posters that I can use for tutoring sessions. This particularly helps me with SEND students and teaching practical subjects like financial literacy.
  • Stationery for students and me to use in their tutoring sessions.

Of course, resources for teachers are expensive. So, I have created an Amazon wish list that allows anyone to buy me a book or resource of their choice.

It gives people the chance to choose which resource they’d like to send me. Then, it delivers the product to my Teaching Hub for me to use in classes! It event tells you which ones I need the most with the “priority” function.

If you choose to buy me a resource, thank you so much! You’re making a huge difference.


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