A-Level English Literature Tutoring in Enfield

I am highly experienced in tutoring A-level English literature students and helping them to get top grades. At the moment, I am available for tutoring on Saturdays, both online and in my Teaching Hub. You can find me near Edmonton County and The Raglan School.

When you start tuition with me, you can guarantee you are benefitting from a high level of expertise in the subject.

  • Fully qualified English teacher with a PGCE.
  • Tutoring both online and in person since 2015.
  • Currently teaching English at a sixth-form college in London.
  • Alumnus of The Latymer School with experience helping students with school entry tests.
  • Alumnus of Glasgow University with experience helping students with UCAS applications.

When you book a tutoring session with me, you can be sure that I am up to date with the most recent research on teaching and A-level English Literature. This helps me in two ways! First of all, it helps me to be sure that I’m giving the best tutoring experience ever. Secondly, I never stop learning, so I never forget what it feels like to be a student!

I mix skills building with teaching students powerful knowledge. That way, they’ll be ready for any exam question that comes their way! With my gentle approach and embedded revision, students will boost their grades in no time! Just make sure you come to tuition with a positive attitude and a will to learn.

Online A-level English Literature Tuition #

I tutor online every Saturday via zoom, offering both group and one-to-one sessions. The classes are a minimum of one hour and provide students with plenty of time to write excellent essays and get useful feedback.

Every online A-level English literature class begins with recall. In other words, I will always start my sessions by asking students to remember some terms or ideas that they’ve learnt before. That way, we are always embedding revision into our sessions. This recall method helps them to cut down the amount of studying they need to do just before their exam, allowing them to feel more relaxed and prepared.

For the rest of the lesson, I work through the skills and knowledge that the students need. We’ll do lots of activities and questions to make sure the students feel 100% comfortable before they try the work on their own. I always try to end the class with some academic writing practice, so essays become second nature to them.

If we have the time, we also have plenty of fun things we can do – like Kahoots, crosswords and word searches. All of them are made by me and aim to give students all the info and practice they need to do well in A-level English literature.

For an online session, students need to turn up with:

  • A good internet connection.
  • A notebook to write in.
  • Copies of the texts they’re studying.

I will provide everything else!

If you would like to book a tutoring session with me online, you can do so here on the website via my bookings page.

Coming to the Teaching Hub in Enfield #

Working online isn’t for everyone, though. That is why I teamed up with Nita McEvoy Advanced Beauty and Aesthetics to set up the Teaching Hub in Enfield.

The location of the Teaching Hub is convenient and accessible to many in the Enfield area! It’s a few minutes walk from Edmonton County school and not too far from Bush Hill Park station.

Just like with my online tutoring sessions, I start with a recall activity and give students plenty of time to practice their new skills independently. The Teaching Hub comes with some added benefits, though:

  • Supervision from me makes it easier for students to focus.
  • I have plenty of great books and resources we can use in person.
  • I offer a calm, quiet environment – with fresh air and drinking water when needed. With siblings around, this isn’t always an option for students at home!

At the moment, I only offer group sessions for GCSE and A-level students of English language and literature. However, I am always open to set up a class for KS3 and adult learners! Just get in contact and I’m sure we can find the numbers.

I also provide one-to-one sessions at the Teaching Hub. You can book those with me via the bookings link above.

If you come down to the Teaching Hub, my degree and teaching qualifications will be available for you to verify. I am also more than happy to show you my DBS Enhanced certificate, should you like to verify.


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