The following recommendations are great for you if you would like to get the best start possible with your English Literature course. They are full of great help and advice and a great way to boost your English essays and exams. Plus, they won’t go to waste! If I convince you to take an English Language or Literature degree, many universities list loads of these books as recommended or required reading!

Why do I spend so much of my time recommending poetry? Well, it packs all of the analysis goodness into a small package! You have to read a whole book to do an essay on it. With poetry, though, you can choose one or two and have just as much to say! It packs loads of the literary techniques you need to learn in a shorter form, which means you can have more practice with different texts. The skills aren’t exactly the same, but once you’ve got poetry down, novels and plays will be much easier.

The Email English book is great for native and non-native English speakers alike! If you’re getting ready to break into the world of work, there is really no harm in making sure that you understand how to write a good email!

Shakespeare Help

Let’s face it: we all struggle with Shakespeare at some point in our lives. If his old-style English is stressing you out right now, there’s no need to worry! No Fear Shakespeare is a great option for you. These graphic novels simplify the English for you and provide some awesome pictures so that you can get the plot under your belt before you start analysing. It’s a great way to make sure you get what’s going on!

Or, if you don’t particularly need the graphic novels, they do have the plain text versions for you, too! While the graphic novels are currently only for HamletMacbeth and Romeo and Juliet, there are loads of other Shakespeare plays for you to check out in the plain text version!

Just remember: never quote the plain English version in your work. Always quote the original!

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