Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K. Jerome (a great lit book!)

  • Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K. Jerome (a great lit book!)

    Posted by writingwithstars on 9th January 2021 at 6:09 am

    Basically, this book is what happens when you put three idiots in the mid-1800s on a small boat together.
    I love this book because the three men are gay but it’s subtle but if you understand they’re gay it just opens so many doors in terms of interpretation! It becomes way funnier when you realize what they’re actually doing on that boat. It’s a really interesting read in terms of the history of it, being written in a time where being gay wasn’t allowed.

    I’m pretty sure (almost certain) that Jerome himself was gay so he had a lot to put in this book in terms of fear that gay people faced during that time period. He also would discuss other struggles in that book subtly as well like gender roles and the roles of women. It’s interesting as this is done through humor.

    I highly recommend this one! Especially if you’re looking to read something you can really dissect and interpret. It’s not that hard to read and it’s incredibly funny. There are a lot of innuendos in there lol.

    (Oh yeah Shani if you have time on your hands would strongly recommend this if you haven’t read it! You can probably find it online for free – I’ve looked it up to link copies for friends and stuff. If you can get the book that’d be great too because you can actually highlight and circle things but if you can’t then there are things online as well. But no pressure, just thought I’d leave this here from one lit nerd to another 😉)
    Has anyone else read this book- if so what are your thoughts?

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