Group Classes: Register Your Interest

Group tutoring is a cheaper alternative to one-to-one tutoring. It allows students to increase their understanding of a subject while also being more cost-effective.

Online lectures provide students with important knowledge and subject terminology that they can use to get higher grades in their exams. It takes more discipline, but it is also useful to prepare you for what university will be like.

In order to run these group classes, I need to know what the interest is in them beforehand. So, please fill in the form below to help me understand what you would like me to do a class or lecture on and when.

Please note: By filling out this form, you give me permission to contact you solely about potential classes that fit your interest. I will not use this form to send out marketing information for any other purpose. If you would like to get regular updates about Shani’s Tutoring, please stay tuned! I will be starting a newsletter soon.

About the Group Classes

I run group classes both online on Zoom and in person via my Teaching Hub in Enfield. Unfortunately, for various reasons, I cannot tutor at students’ homes.

As a fully qualified teacher, I have a wealth of experience with classroom management and effective tutoring to a group of students. Therefore, you can guarantee that my group classes will be high-quality and full of activities designed to help students learn and grow.

Group discussion is an important part of boosting your grades in English, history and EPQ. A* students need to be able to understand different people’s perspectives. While they can learn that from reading the biggest schools of thought (e.g. Marxist, feminist), there is nothing better than talking to a like-minded peer to help you understand how different people respond to the same texts.

In the group classes, we focus on building the skills that students need to succeed in their subjects. For example, I teach the following things:

  • Analysing different types of texts.
  • Spotting different grammar points.
  • Evaluating the reliability and usefulness of sources.
  • Writing reflections.
  • Writing essays.

Plus, we also do a lot of mark scheme work where we learn how to think like an examiner.

About the Lectures

Online lectures are the biggest groups I take. The only limit to the number of students is the price of the Zoom package. That’s because I run my online lectures like a webinar, so I need webinar software – which is quite a bit more expensive than standard meetings!

These lectures are designed to be as similar to university lectures as possible. This is for a few different reasons:

  • They prepare students for what uni will be like.
  • It means I can align the lectures with my online courses. That way, they feed into one another.
  • I can deliver as much essential knowledge to students as possible.
  • The lecture recordings will be helpful to students if they need to come back and revise.

Like with lectures at uni, all questions will be left to the end. I will use plenty of examples throughout the class to make sure the content makes sense.

Lectures are great for students who:

  • Work well on their own, but don’t feel like they are learning enough content at their schools.
  • Would like to go above and beyond their school content.
  • Are already getting group or one-to-one tutoring sessions and would like some extra info to supplement them.
  • Want to prepare for uni classes.

So, why not try one out? For only £5 per session, there’s really now downside!

How to Make the Most Out Of Shani’s Tutoring Lesson Types

Every student’s learning journey is different. So, I offer lots of different types of lessons! That helps me to provide the most value to as many students as possible. It’s up to you how you choose to mix and match the lessons I teach. However, I’d say you can find value in all of them!

If you want the best results, you can combine all four of my teaching methods:

  1. Learn the key facts and knowledge in online lectures.
  2. Practice the key facts and knowledge in online courses.
  3. Attend a group class to practice your problem-solving with like-minded peers.
  4. Sign up for one-to-one sessions to get personalised feedback on how you can improve.

Of course, it can be quite pricey to do all at the same time. So, I am currently working out a package deal for students who want to participate in as many different types of tutoring as possible. The package deal will be £60 a month for the following:

  • 1 lecture per week.
  • Access to the online course at your level.
  • 1 group class of 5-10 students per week.

That’s the same price as just the lecture and the group class combined. So, it’s like you’re not paying for the online course at all!

Plus, you get a 20% discount on one-to-one tutoring and a 25% discount on essay feedback.