A monthly subscription with Shani’s Tutoring gives you loads of awesome benefits to help you to improve your English and boost your exams.

All of these tiers help you to learn from the comfort of your own home. All of them can help you to supplement your school work with content that is designed to boost your grades. Plus, on the Shani’s Tutoring website, I aim to create a safe, friendly environment for you to make friends, have fun and grow as a student.

Depending on the membership level that you choose, you could benefit from the awesome membership features listed below.

Weekly Worksheets and Tasks

Regular English worksheets designed to give you the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve your grades.

Each week, I release a theme that I will be focussing on. This will be announced on the members-only forums. Then, I spend the rest of the week filling the website up with tasks that you can do and mark on your own.

All tasks are designed to be done from the comfort of your own and self-assessed. However, you are welcome to ask me for help and advice any time!

Tasks may either be printable PDF worksheets or exclusive games, quizzes and exercises on the website.

Members-Only Discussion Forum

Ask questions, engage with the discussions, try out the helpful English content and chat to like-minded individuals.

Weekly English Podcasts

With the Podcast Protégé tier or higher, you benefit from a regular podcast covering information on the weekly theme.

The podcasts are designed to give you the help that you need in a relaxed, accessible manner. So, you can turn the podcast on while you’re on the go and get a little bit of extra studying in!

Discount on One-To-One Tutoring

All Shani’s Tutoring members get a discount on my hourly one-to-one tutoring rates.

Usually priced at £28 per hour, members get an exclusive members-only rate of £20 per hour. This only applies if you book more than 3 days in advance. For emergency tutoring sessions booked less than 3 days in advance, members also get a discount. Usually £40 per hour, members pay £35.

What about buying in bulk or group sessions? You don’t have to worry about that either! Contact me and we can work out a member’s price.

For members who would like to benefit from these rates, please contact me through the membership feature of this website. This will prove that you are a member and make life easier. Emails can sometimes go in junk, but I’m always here to see your message!

Weekly Webinars

Every week, I prepare an English webinar full of facts, tips and tricks that all students need to know. This is available to members on the Webinar Wonder tier or higher.

Each webinar contains a 45 minute presentation by Shani, followed by 15 minutes for a Q&A, polls and other interactive exercises.

The webinars are modelled after what you may find during a university lecture. That way, you can prepare to take notes like a university student and learn loads at the same time.

Weekly Drop-In Streams

Members on the Stream Savant tier or higher can benefit from my weekly drop-in streams!

These sessions are the perfect place to ask any burning questions that you may have about English.

Did your teacher say a word that you didn’t understand? Write it down and ask me in the stream. Or maybe you need a little help with one of the worksheets? I’ll be happy to help you on stream!

Plus, you can learn more about English in a relaxed environment.

Online Group Classes

Members on my Group Genius tier or higher get access to weekly 1-hour group classes. These are for around 10-20 students and are delivered on Zoom straight through the Shani’s Tutoring website.

Group classes are available for Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-Level. Also, we will be having occasional one-off classes on other English-related topics, such as essay writing and job interviews.

All classes are designed to prepare students for seminars at university. That means that required reading will be posted up before the class and students will be expected to do the reading to prepare.

It also means that the classes heavily depend on group discussion and engagement. Students will learn how to share ideas, give their own opinions and use other people’s contributions to help them to understand the work better. This is vital for uni!

Monthly Essay Feedback

Members on the Essay Expert tier get all of the great benefits above. Plus, they also get personalised essay feedback of up to 3,000 words of their work.

This can be split up in any way the user requires: 1 essay of 3,000 words, 3 essays of 1,000 words or any other combination! As long as the essay is at least 250 words long.

Students submit their essay here on the Shani’s Tutoring website and I read it. Then, I check for spelling, punctuation and grammar and provide a separate document containing advice and ways that they can improve.

This feature is great if you would like to prepare for your exams, or you would just like to improve your essay skills.

Join Now!

Do any of these features sound good to you? Do you need help with your English studies? Well, why not join Shani’s Tutoring and let me help you through your studies?

The Learner Community, frequent contact with your tutor and friendly environment can help you to boost your grades, prepare for university and make you an all-round better student. You will learn all about good English spelling, punctuation and grammar. Plus, I am also working on a great course called ‘English for Employability’!

If you are interested in joining, see my memberships page for more information about prices.

Or, if you’re still unsure, why not see my pre-sales questions for more?