Acing Your English A-Level

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About Course

Are you studying for your A-level in English? Do you want to make sure that you hit the top marks? Well, this course is for you! It is full of powerful knowledge designed to make sure you unlock your full potential.

This course combines knowledge about the two branches of English: language and literature. That way, you get a full understanding of how the two inform each other. This will help you to produce the most amazing essays possible.

After all, it’s like Roman Jakobson said:

“A linguist deaf to the poetic functions of language and a literary scholar indifferent to linguistics are equally fragrant anachronisms.”

From ‘Language in Literature’ by Roman Jakobson, 1987

In other words, it doesn’t matter if your passion is English language or literature. You have to have a good understanding of both to be the best academic you can. This course will offer that to you!

For Students of A-level English Literature

For Students of A-level English Language and Literature

For People Preparing for an English Degree

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Course Content

Understanding the A-level

  • The difference between GCSE and A-level
  • English language or English literature?
  • Qualities needed to succeed in A-level English
  • Getting the most out of this course
  • How studying English can help you

What is a Text?

Text Producers and Receivers

Grammar 101

The Levels of Language

Genre, Audience and Purpose

Analysis 101

What is Stylistics?

Foregrounding Theory

Voice and Characterisation

Academic Writing 101

Analysis 201

Exam Skills

Storytelling 101

Language and Power

Using Context

The History of English

Narrative Perspectives



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